About "the bridge"

The writers contributing to The Bridge are family. No, we're not really related-- but that’s just it. We choose to be family. We all believe that life is so much better when we share it with people who are different than us. And we’re just a sampling of our extended family at Bridgeway Community Church, where over 52 nations are represented. Each of us have different colors, cultures, languages, family structures, political beliefs, talents, and hobbies. But rather than letting these things divide us, we choose to connect on the two things we have in common: our love for God and our love for people. We’re all about building bridges to people that are different than us, so that we can experience each others point of view. And we want to build a bridge to you. Yes, YOU!

Our motto at The Bridge is “Connecting All Things to All People.” It’s impossible for one person to connect to everyone. But we can all connect to someone. Together, we can connect all things to all people. The topics you’ll see on this blog will be as diverse as the people in the picture. We hope that you can find something to connect with and invite your friends to connect with us, too.