"We use the sanctuary as OUR home, and we are inviting people in as guests."

Picture this: It’s Sunday morning. You hear the ring of your alarm go off and you hop out of bed. You get ready, eat breakfast, and you’re finally headed out the door. You arrive in your church parking lot, are greeted at the door, and are welcomed inside with open arms. Sounds like a great start to your day, right? Well, here at Bridgeway, we have a Lobby Crew Ministry—a ministry that creates a welcoming and informative atmosphere in our church lobby on Sunday mornings! I had the pleasure of speaking with the head of this ministry, Steve Martin, to learn about how the Lobby Crew got started and their goals as a ministry!

Steve Martin

Steve Martin has been attending Bridgeway for over 10 years. He serves in the First Waves Ministry (directing people on where to park when they arrive to the church, and being one of the first welcoming faces that they see!), he helped out with the Community Cupboard, and is involved in the Men’s Ministry. Now, for the past two and a half years, he has been serving in the Lobby Crew, and has been the head of the ministry for almost a year!

When asked how this ministry got started, he stated, “[Leaders of the church] were trying to figure out a way to get engaged with people in the lobby. The church recognized that in between services is a time where we can connect with people, and especially first time visitors. Our church is big, and it can be a bit overwhelming at first. So, our goal is to create a welcoming and informative atmosphere for people who enter our doors.”

Steve shares that this ministry is a dynamic group of individuals who:

  1. Contribute to the creation of an energetic, positive, truly welcoming atmosphere in Bridgeway’s lobby
  2. Ensure everyone gets the information that they need, get registered for events, and get connected togroups/ministries/leaders/etc
  3. Proactively approach people, with an eagerness to serve
  4. Participate in a variety of task such as: Becoming SUPER CITY USERS, Helping folks sign up for The City,  Escorting newcomers, Collaborating with other ministries, and Problem Solving

After being involved in this ministry for almost three years, Steve says that his favorite part about being involved in this ministry is watching the “lobbyist” (members of this ministry) go the extra mile to either help someone find information, or to connect a first time visitor with someone else in the church!

Steve with two Lobbyists, Val and Ciney.

“Our ministry has a Family Approach”, Steve says. “We use the sanctuary as our home and we are inviting people in as guests.”