Good News

Dante Sheppard shares an original spoken word piece.

"The gospel of Jesus Christ is counter-cultural to everything we know. We're taught growing up that if we work hard, make sacrifices, do well, get good grades, and so on and so on that we'll yield great results. And this may still ring true for many if not all. The truth is though, how many of us do everything right and still end up feeling empty when we put our heads on the pillow at night? 

I'm always reminded of the famous Tom Brady interview where he states even after winning multiple Super Bowl rings and making millions of dollars, "There's gotta be more right? This can't be it." That wasn't verbatim, but he said something like that.

The gospel, the good news, goes against the logic of working hard to yield a result. less cause and effect and more...effect. God reaches out to us daily. Continually drawing us close to Him. He first loved us. Eternal life He offers through His son Jesus. We can't do anything to earn it. In fact, if we could do anything to earn it, it wouldn't be divine. 

This piece that I'd like to share with you captures this thought. So often we need to be reminded, of God's perfect love and how He feels about us. In spite of ourselves, He loves us. This is good news!

It makes no difference what you do,

It's about simply being still and allowing me to love you."

-Dante Sheppard